Meet Alaya

Curiosity | Exploration | Adventure

Hello love!!!  Welcome to my lair.  I trust you found it cozy here, and I am excited to begin our journey together in whatever way that unfolds.  I’ll share here a few things about me so you can know the “Basic Premise of Crystal,” and I invite you to check out as I update the “Tales from Crystal’s World” section to learn more about me through the experiences I share.  If you feel we resonate, reach out. I would love to hear from you. Welcome to my digital home.

Who am I?


I am your average girl next door, and I am also your wildest dreams in physical form. I do not believe in limits, except those we set ourselves (consciously or unconsciously) for the sake of helping us digest this experience called life.  That being said, I am Alaya.  I love deeply. I feel intensely. I am a tribal being, and need the people in my life on a regular basis. I am also at times a hermit and lose myself in study and the richness of wisdom that is available to our spirits if we open to it.  My primary quest in life is to ignite new curiosity for learning in every soul I touch and to guide others to tap into the vast resources that is self and inspire those who come into my path to live a life authentic to self full of love, adventure, bliss, and magic.  

What I believe

First, I believe that what I believe should have little impact on you except where it inspires you to something new you want to incorporate into your life.  Let me explain. I believe life is whatever we allow it to be, and also what we make of it. Perspective is everything. Life is viewable only through a prism.  Our experiences are strictly that, our perspective of the world around us and what is happening in it.. Therefore, we are completely free to choose a perspective in every interaction that best serves us.  


I am in love with life most days and yet on occasion curse at myself for choosing to be human.  I am the “everything” and the “nothing” rolled into one. I believe it is completely okay to experience ALL of life’s experiences, the desired and the not so desired, for they each offer to us a new perspective we could not see before.  That being said, my life purpose is to be here, to be present, to experience life in all it has to offer. We are all capable of magic. My goal in connecting with you is that a spark of magic you have not yet seen in yourself ignites and acts as a catalyst for whatever it is in life you really want…even if that means taking some time to figure out what that really is for you.  

My core values are love, freedom, wisdom, inclusion and curiosity.  I believe the best way to learn is through playful curiosity, and my life is a reflection of that almost every day.  


I invite you to play today in a way you have not for a long time but have longed to do.  

Why this site?

This site is my surrender to the universe.  I have been offered gifts that in the past I ran from and was afraid to allow to shine.  This page is my declaration that I will allow my light to shine, even if it is a very strange light to most of the world.  If you find me here and I can serve you, this is the way life has provided for us to shine our lights in each other’s paths.  Namaste.

How can I work with Alaya?


Akashic Records Readings: Akashic records readings are about tapping into the infinite wisdom that is your guide through your life journey.  The keepers of the records allow access through a prayer, and the big life questions you have, the direction and guidance you need, the hope you seek may be revealed. Make confident, powerful decisions with the guidance from your highest wisdom.

Pay below and SCHEDULE your personal or business Akashic records reading with Alaya…

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Akashic Records Reading: Wise Decision Making

Focused Accelerator VIP Sessions

Ever work really hard to achieve something and as you cross the finish line or achieve the dream you suddenly realize the satisfaction you expected from this accomplishment was lackluster?  This is common in a world where the media screams at us all day about who to be, how to live, and how to be “awesome.”
It doesn’t have to be this way, though.  Before you set out on your next big adventure in business or life, let’s tap into what Paulo Coelho calls your “personal legend” and use the power of intention to craft a clear and serving path for you.  Allow yourself to fully embrace the life YOU CHOOSE with a Focused Vision Accelerator VIP Session.  Before you spend the next 18 months or your next $1000 pushing your passion forward, pause and be sure you are actually creating a life you want to live. Then let’s design THAT!

SCHEDULE your 1:1 consultation with our team to explore if you are ready for this experience and to set your life on a path and a set of actions that actually deliver the life you love!

Akashic BoardRoom Creation

Ever feel like you could be more successful if you simply had access to better mentors, better advice, or others with success where you desire it?  Now you can tap into the wisdom of anyone who ever lived who may be able to serve your cause.  Learn how I have gleaned wisdom from Napoleon Hill, Jose Silva, Oprah, and many others along my journey and how this has led to breakthroughs that have opened doors I never dreamed could open for me.

Check out this video to learn a bit more about our Akashic Boardroom process and then SCHEDULE your Akashic Boardroom creation session to unlock unlimited potential in your life.

Conscious Money Tuning

If you find yourself attracting a lot of money but constantly confused about where it all went, or if you have stopped attracting money altogether, then maybe your spirit is sending you a message to align some beliefs, values, and actions, or to simply become a better steward of what you have so more can come to you.

If you would like to SCHEDULE a session for a Conscious Money Tuning, please contact us at You may also benefit if you choose to book an Akashic Records reading now and determine during your reading if Conscious Money Tuning is right for you.

Special Note: We are not tech geeks in this company. In the event that our tech fails and you do not hear back from us after scheduling or purchasing from this page, please reach out to right away so we can support you quickly. Thank you and enjoy the journey of your own power.